Dec 19th Fighting for that eye

This past 6weeks Max’s has had some rough days, fighting to keep the vision in his right eye.  During his last 2 nadirs when he was run down he had another viral attack on his eye.  The attacks were really painful and the resulting ulcer and scar were blocking his vision so his brain had started to shut his eye down.  With Dr O’Hallarans help we have been aggressively treating him with eye steroids, patching his dominant eye and lots of antiviral meds.  His vision has started to come back, he is strong right now and super happy and fun.  He is approaching his next nadir and we are hoping to get thru it without incidence.   

Max has been able to maintain his weight during his treatment so far, he doesn’t typically eat during his nadir so we work on packing on the calories during the good days.  He hasn’t grown again this year, chemo prevents growth.  2 years of chemo and Max has missed 2 years of growth.  Max has now dropped on the growth charts from above 100 percentile in height to 50% and his weight is now down to the 10percentile. 

 Max is only able to attend about 50% of school but he is managing to keep up, smart little guy.  Xmas is just around the corner and we are looking forward to a combined family holiday in Palm Springs.  Wish it was another Caribbean Cruise but that will have to wait until May when he has finished this year of chemo and can rebuild his immune system. 

 9 chemo rounds almost over, 5 more to go….counting down the months.  Go Spartacus!

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